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Do you want the look of a wood floor but don’t want the hassle of having to care for a wood floor? We have just what you need. A wood stamped concrete floor gives the allusion of a beautiful wooden floor but without the constant care for it. Wood stamped floors are a great alternative to actual wood floors because of the affordability they offer and the little amount of maintenance they require.
These floors are strong, durable, and offer a unique look through a unique process of stamping concrete. Give us a call for more information!
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    Wood stamped floors are popular because of the exotic wood look they allow your floors to take over but give you the ability to do little to care for them, compared to real wood. These floors are durable, attractive, and affordable.
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    Stamped concrete is created by literally stamping concrete before it sets with stamps that have the imprint of wood. The process of stamping concrete wood is crucial in giving the concrete the best realistic wood look. Our concrete contractors have the tools required to make these floors look and feel as realistic as possible.
    Wood concrete is the best choice for any area because it will easily last two decades without fading. When you’re thinking about pricing or durability, remember, wood epoxy will last longer with less upkeep, which requires less money.
    Stamped concrete that looks like wood is versatile because it can be installed indoors or outdoors without having to worry about moisture control. Concrete floors are waterproof, meaning, if you want wood stamped epoxy in your basement, there is very little reason not to have it!
    Do you need a new floor? Is your current floor showing signs of aging? Wood stamped concrete is the solution.
    Wood concrete is meant to last without you having to continuously invest money into upkeep. Installation, maintenance, and any additional work bring it on, we are here to serve you. With years of experience, our concrete contractors are up for any challenge. If you have any questions or need a quote, give us a call today.


    Wood stamped concrete varies in price because of the different areas it can be applied, the different possible designs, and the materials concrete contractors use.
    Regardless, wood stamped concrete is the most affordable option for any part of your property. Our Fort Wayne concrete contractors will help you with any questions concerning pricing that you may have. Remember, pricing varies, we encourage you to give us a call.
    Stamped concrete is a lower-end alternative to more delicate materials that, over time, require more money to maintain. Wood stamped concrete is an affordable alternative for a beautiful look. The cost of stamped concrete can highly depend on the materials/labor, the area where it is being installed, and what kind of design is being applied to the concrete. On average, costs are between $8 to $20 per square foot to install. Basic designs use one color scheme and are usually towards the lower end of the price scale. Intermediate designs typically cost more because there are more colors and it takes a little more work to make the stamped wood look more natural. Finally, the higher end design is hand stamped and customized down to the smallest details. Each design allows you to have the wood look without the wood price or hassle.
    All of the options above are valuable because they all offer the same alternative, a beautifully natural look, for an affordable price.
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    Wipe up and mop any immediate spills like oils or water. If the spills are more serious make sure you thoroughly clean the area to avoid any build-up of serious chemicals that could, in time, damage your floors. Give us a call if you have any questions.
    The fantastic quality of wood-concrete is that it rarely if ever, will need deep cleaning products; however, sweeping can help save you from unnecessary repairs and replacements. Making sure that leftover debris is cleared off of your floors daily will ensure no scratches or tears are being made on your floors. Preventive measures help reduce possible issues like chemical spills penetrating the time layer of your floors, thus, damaging the concrete


    A wood stamped concrete floor is a low maintenance option because it is concrete! Simple precautionary actions can help you make sure you aren’t investing any more time or money into your floors than absolutely necessary. If you have any questions about how to maintain your floors, give us a call.
    We have been working in the Fort Wayne area for a long time and that has taught our professionals how to care for your floors.
    Whenever, if at all possible, in heavy foot traffic areas allow a place for a foot mat where people can wipe off their shoes as they enter. Wiping guests’ feet will ensure that unnecessary dirt and debris stay off of your floors and ultimately reduces wear and tear.
    Please discuss with your contractor what kind of cleaning solutions are safe for your wood stamped epoxy floor.
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