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Do you ever describe your basement as dark, wet or even unbearable? Well you are not alone as millions of homeowners have to deal with a subpar basement, but we have a solution for you! Our team of trained contractors can bring your basement to life with one of our basement flooring systems that won’t only make it look better, but provide quality of life improvements you didn’t know you needed.
All of our basement flooring options offer decades of service life and protection from the harsh elements found under your home. Ready to transform your basement? You’ve come to the right place!
Ready to learn about our basement flooring options and what they can do for you? Down below you will find everything you need to know.
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    Say Goodbye
    To Your Damp, Cold Basement
    With one of our basement flooring systems, you can leave a cold and damp basement in your past. All of our coatings offer the advantage of basement waterproofing, a service that we will talk more about later on, so keep reading!
    Basement Epoxy Wayne

    Basement Flooring

    Offered In Fort Wayne
    As one of the top basement flooring contractors in Fort Wayne, we offer more coatings than your average contractor. What sets us apart from the other guys is that we won’t set you up for failure with traditional flooring options like carpet, hardwood or laminate. Our team is trained in the application of concrete coatings and down below, you will find what we can bring to the table:
    Metallic Epoxy is one of the most unique flooring systems on the market. By using metallic pigmentation on our epoxies, we can create finishes that mimic lava, waves, clouds or anything you can think of!
    Rustic Wood Concrete is a variation of stamped concrete that mimics the appearance of natural wood. We use real wood planks for our stamps so they look as realistic as possible.
    Standard Epoxy offers protection from water, mold and is even up to 10 times stronger than standard concrete!

    The Disadvantages

    Concrete Flooring
    Is your basement adding real value to your home or is it little more than musty storage space? At Epoxy Flooring Fort Wayne, we can help you unlock your basement’s potential.
    When it comes to your basement, bare concrete flooring is the last thing you want serving as your main flooring system. With so many disadvantages and the only advantage being savings; in the short term, there is no reason to stay with standard concrete. Down below, we will tell you why
    Basement Concrete Floor Epoxy
    When it comes to the common use of bare concrete in basements across America, we just don’t understand why so many homeowners are leaving themselves at a disadvantage. Bare concrete has and always will be plagued by one thing, cracks. Cracks are the last thing you want to see in your basement’s concrete. Cracks serve as the path of least resistance for your basements weak point, water. When water enters your basement, you can have some serious problems to deal with in the near future.
    Water can render any valuables you have on the floor useless and can even fry your electronics plugged in downstairs. The big problem with water is that it can create nasty bacteria like mold, mildew and even fungi which when left unchecked, will spread to the rest of your household with short notice. Want to make sure nothing happens from your cracked basement concrete? Use one of our flooring systems! We fill and repair all cracks to avoid them causing damage in the future.
    Want to know what else a bare concrete slab can do to your home or business? Take a look at our home page to see what you are missing out on!
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    The Benefits Of

    Using A Basement Flooring System
    Are you wondering why so many homeowners are making the decision to finish their basement? Well, it’s probably all of the amazing benefits that you stand to gain from a finished basement. What most people don’t know about our basement flooring is that it can be used as a basement waterproofing system, which can make your home safer and even increase its value. Want to know the benefits of having one of our basement flooring systems in your home? We have outlined the best benefits of our basement floors down below:
    Basement Epoxy Coating
    Here Are The Top Benefits You Stand To Gain From Using Flooring In The Basement:
    • Cover flawed, stained concrete. Tired of looking at a cracked concrete floor with oil and chemical stains? After your concrete is repaired, garage floor epoxy gives you a beautiful, smooth new surface that will be highly resistant to stains in the future.
    • Finishing your basement is one of the best investments that you can make into your home. Homeowner studies have reported that investing in basement flooring can offer a 70-75% return of investment. That has lead to an increase in the home’s value of 2-5%.
    • When you use one of our epoxy-based systems, you can enjoy the fact knowing you have one of the easiest flooring systems to maintain. All you will need to maintain an epoxy is a soft bristle broom and standard wet mop, never any waxes or polishes.
    • All of our coatings come equipped with a top coat sealer which can protect your coating from unwanted stains, wear and tear and even water damage.
    • Another benefit of the seal coat is the fact that it is nonporous which means that no bacteria can grow on it, so say goodbye to mold, mildew and fungi growth in your basement
    • We all know that the basement can be an unsafe area of many homes. But with one of our basement flooring systems, we can make your basement safer and easier to walk in with our silica sand additives which can give epoxy and our rustic wood concretes topcoat texture
    • Basement flooring is one of the most affordable ways to waterproof your basement. With our waterproof flooring systems, there is no need to dig out the exterior of your home, install a french drain or a sump pump
    • Want to know more about basement flooring or curious about our other services? Feel free to take a look at our home page where you can find everything you need to know about what we bring to our neighbors in Fort Wayne.
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