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No matter what we do with our garage it turns out to be boring, dusty and dark. This is not desirable as the garage is a gateway to the outside world. Well, that was before you enlist us for our amazing garage floor coatings that will turn your garage into the envy of the entire neighborhood!
Let us tell you how we can transform your garage into an area of absolute beauty!
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    Garage Floor Coating?
    Want a well-installed garage floor coating so you can rest easy at night knowing that your coating is going to last decades and supply top-notch performance? Give us a call today and get a free, no-obligation quote so we can get the ball moving on your project ASAP!

    How We Prepare

    The Concrete For Your Coating
    While there are some differentiating factors between the different types of garage floor coatings, we are going to take a look into how one of the most common garage floor coatings in Fort Wayne is prepared for, the epoxy garage floor coating. The process will always begin with the repair of all imperfections on the concrete slab. These imperfections mostly consist of gouges, cracks, and stains. The stains are lifted and all cracks and gouges are repaired with an epoxy-based crack filler before the next process begins.
    The next step in the preparation of the concrete slab is the profiling of the existing concrete slab that will make the epoxy resin form a super tight molecular bond with the concrete slab. This super tight bond is what makes the epoxy garage floor coating so strong and last decades. This can be done one of two ways, but one method is much more popular than the other. The most popular method is the use of industrial grinders equipped with diamond wheel blades that open the pores of the concrete slab. The other and less popular method of profiling is done with a shot blaster, it is less popular as it tends to be much messier than the diamond wheel grinding method. Once a quick clean up and inspection of the concrete slab are completed, the installation of the garage floor coating can begin.
    When using untrained contractors or just using regular Joe to get your job done, there is a huge chance that your garage floor coating is going to encounter endless problems during its lifetime!
    We will always recommend only having a trained professional completing the task of concrete preparation for garage floor coating as the process is very complex and can be done incorrectly very easily. At epoxy Fort Wayne, our garage floor coating installers have decades of combined experience working with epoxy and concrete. When you use us for your garage floor coating project in Fort Wayne, you can rest assured that your project will be done right the first time around. To discover more flooring options that we offer to the Fort Wayne area, check out the homepage.
    Resurface Garage Floor Concrete Resurfacer

    Garage Floor

    No matter how well you take care of your garage, there will always come a time that your concrete slab will become damaged, even if it is just from age.
    Don’t worry, with our garage floor resurfacing services, your garage will regain its simple and uniform appearance!
    When you choose to use our professional garage floor coating and resurfacing services, you will be delighted to know that we won’t try to make fast cash off of you. We will give you an expert opinion on whether your garage floor needs to be repaired or replaced. Just a heads up, we cannot repair any type of major damage such as large cracks or structural damage. If you have such damage, your slab will need to be replaced.
    If you are fortunate enough to only need repair and nothing more, we can help you bring that fresh concrete appearance back to your garage. With our garage floor resurfacing procedure, we can bring your garage floor back to life by filling all cracks and gouges with the resurfacer and making all stains disappear! That’s not all, with this type of garage floor coating your concrete slab will be much stronger and even easier to clean! All you will need to do to keep your garage looking professional is the assistance of a broom and a standard wet mop. Make sure that deep cleaning and pressure washing are only done when completely necessary and not on a regular basis.

    Types Of

    Garage Floor Coatings
    When using our garage floor coating services in Fort Wayne, you will be happy to know that we offer a wide range of coatings that will make even the most stubborn person light up with joy!
    We offer garage floor coatings that range from modern and straight forward all the way to exciting and wild. Below we have listed our most popular forms of garage floor coatings that see the most action in Fort Wayne!
    Garage Floor Epoxy Contractors
    Want a beautiful and long-lasting garage floor coating?
    Take a look at the following coatings:
    Garage Floor Epoxy
    Garage floor epoxy is some of the most durable and long lasting that is available on the market today. This garage floor coating is even able to be customized to the limits of the imagination with endless design options.
    Polished Concrete
    Polished concrete is a great garage floor coating is you are looking for a simplistic and shiny garage floor. There are options to the level of sheen that can be used on the sealer and even options to the level of aggregate exposed on the concrete.
    Metallic Epoxy
    A metallic epoxy garage floor coating is the most unique flooring that can be placed in the garage by far. This garage floor coating is able to mimic the effects of a cloudy day, lava flow and even the appearance of waves.
    Acid Stained Concrete
    Acid stained concrete can be used to recreate the appearance of natural stone and even the effects of marbling without the price and texture of a stamped concrete overlay. This garage floor coating also gets a coat of acrylic or urethane sealer.
    Sealed Concrete
    When using a sealer on your concrete, not only do you get the amazing appearance of a bare concrete floor, you get superior resistance to most harsh chemicals. This garage floor coating will make your concrete almost impossible to stain as well!
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