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Our team here at Supremecrete Fort Wayne has been serving our community for over 15-years. Throughout our time we have seemed many basements perish, and homeowners chuck out thousands of dollars in repair because their basement concrete was not protected. Concrete is a very absorbent and unforgiving surface because it will allow harmful substances, including water, to penetrate its pores and make room for things like mold and mildew to spread from the base level to the rest of your home. It is important to recognize this possible threat before it happens!
Epoxy basement coating is a great way to affordably waterproof your basement, especially with us, we have an impeccable track record and too many successes to count.
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    Basements are important for the safety of your home
    Without a professionally sealed basement floor you open your home to the possibilities of damages from mold growth, water damage seeping through the walls, and temperature changes ruining your floors.

    What is Basement

    Epoxy Waterproofing?
    A basement epoxy floor is a waterproof surface because it is a coating that cures within the pores of your concrete. Basement epoxy floors are made of resin and hardeners that, once cured, become an impenetrable plastic-like surface that does not allow water into the concrete through the surface or the water vapor through the bottom of the concrete floor. Once professionally installed, your basement will survive water, flooding, and other damages for over 20-years.
    Basement epoxy floors will not only be resistant to water and moisture they will also be resistant to scratches, abrasions, dust, debris, chemical breakdown, impact, and will not absorb a single liquid. The benefits are incredible and if you’re serious about protecting your concrete surface, call us today for more information.

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    It is easy, just give us a call or head over to our home page to learn more about our services. We are here to help you with all of your flooring needs including waterproofing your area.
    Waterproofing your floors is not just about protecting the area from possible flooding, even though epoxy coating does come in handy if that happens, it’s about all of the rest. Snow on the ground outside seeps into the soil beneath your concrete basement slab, creating vapor that then begins to rise through your concrete’s pores, creating a wet and thriving environment for harmful bacteria and fungi. Extreme changes in temperature, rain, snow, and the freeze-thaw-cycle can all damage your floors and insurance companies will be quick to throw your basement under very quickly!
    If you’re serious about having a waterproofed basement, call a professional, why? A professional, such as the ones here at Epoxy Fort Wayne Flooring, will have the knowledge and the skill set to test for certain temperature and moisture levels, know how thick to apply a coating depending on the area you live in, and you can explain the situation in greater detail to someone who is trained to help prevent any issues.
    • DIY does not include hard enough products
    • DIY kits will peel off quickly in the face of danger
    • The quality of work will be much greater from a professional
    • Professionals offer a great variety of strong products
    • If the damage is caused our professionals will fix it unlike DIY kits
    • For long-term performance quality work will always be with the professional
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    Benefits of an

    Epoxy Basement Floor
    Insurance companies will not cover damage if there weren’t any preventative measures taken and frankly possibly not even after. The damages caused by water, temperature changes, and everyday life do not have to ruin your floors, but you must call us immediately! Naked concrete is vulnerable to all sorts of possible issues that basement epoxy flooring can prevent.
    Below are the benefits of a basement epoxy floor!
    • Boosts property value over 25%
    • Over 60% of US basements have water damage issues
    • Protects concrete from all sorts of damages
    • Lowers your overall heating costs by as much as 10%-15%
    • Your homes humidity levels will drop.
    • Mold takes 24-hours to grow if the water sits in your basement’s pores
    • Water damage accounts for 20% of insurance claims for homeowners
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