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Commercial properties have important requirements when it comes to flooring. It needs to be easy to clean and maintain yet safe for employees and customers. It should also be durable enough to withstand abuse year after year without sacrificing a sleek appearance and quality performance.Commercial epoxy flooring in Fort Wayne, Indiana meets all of these needs and more.
Commercial concrete epoxy creates a highly decorative and resilient floor that can be used in any type of commercial facility, including lobbies, restrooms, commercial kitchens, and warehouses. It’s attractive enough for public and retail areas yet offers the strength and durability necessary to withstand even forklift traffic and chemicals. It’s even sanitary enough for hospitals and labs
Here’s what you should know about commercial epoxy solutions and why it’s a smart investment for your property. Learn more about the benefits of asphalt roofs, then CONTACT US for a FREE ESTIMATE.
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    Specially Formulated
    Commercial Epoxy
    We serve commercial customers throughout Fort Wayne with specialized commercial epoxy flooring for all facility needs. Whether you need static control to protect electronics or highly decorative lobby flooring, we can help.
    Epoxy Coating Commercial

    Durability You

    Can Count On
    Do you need a durable commercial flooring option to withstand high-traffic areas in your business? While there are many strong floor systems that can withstand commercial conditions, few offer the long-term durability and affordability you can enjoy with commercial epoxy flooring.
    Quarry tile in commercial kitchens is costly to install and requires careful upkeep unlike commercial kitchen flooring epoxy in Fort Wayne. Terrazzo flooring is attractive but not cost-effective, especially for smaller areas.
    Commercial concrete floor epoxy is a thermoset liquid-applied product that cures into an incredibly strong plastic material that’s bonded with your concrete floor. Commercial epoxy is cost-effective for a huge array of applications both large and small with unrivaled durability and strength
    When professionally installed after careful preparation of the concrete substrate, epoxy can last for 10-25 years with minimal care. It can withstand all types of abuse like abrasion, impact, heavy loads, extreme temperatures, chemical spills, and more without peeling, chipping, or even staining. To find out more about epoxy flooring and the other services that we offer, you can check out the homepage!

    Where We Install

    Commercial Epoxy Floor
    Our commercial epoxy flooring installers in Fort Wayne, IN serve all industries with customized epoxy systems.
    From the retail and food industries to breweries, hospitals, and public safety buildings, we do it all.Commercial concrete floor epoxy is one of the most versatile flooring options available. Its very easy to customize with endless colors, designs, and effects ranging from solid colors like a showroom and epoxy flake that resembles granite to elegant metallic flooring with movement, depth, and a one-of-a-kind 3D effect. This design versatility allows it to be used in even upscale hotels, bars, and clubs as well as industrial settings.
    Its seamless and highly resilient composition allows it to withstand heavy-duty abuse from shopping cart wheels, forklifts, foot traffic, spills, moisture, and impact. Commercial epoxy flooring protects your concrete from damage yet withstands years of abuse without impacting its appearance or performance.
    Our Fort Wayne commercial epoxy floor contractors install customized epoxy systems for all types of industries in Indiana. The following are just some of the most popular applications for a commercial concrete epoxy coating.
    Commercial Epoxy Floor
    • Retail such as grocery stores and shopping centers
    • Warehouses, factories, and processing plants
    • Hospitality such as hotels
    • Public safety buildings
    • Auto shops and showrooms
    • Medical facilities including physician offices, hospitals, and veterinary offices
    • Food service including USDA approved commercial kitchen flooring epoxy

    what makes Commercial Epoxy

    Flooring a Great Investment?
    You have many options today when choosing a floor system for your facility. A large share of commercial property owners choose commercial epoxy over alternatives like rubber, quarry stone, and terrazzo flooring thanks to its low lifecycle cost, easy maintenance requirements, unrivaled durability, and attractive, high-gloss color.
    Here’s why commercial concrete epoxy should be on your radar when choosing your next floor solution.
    Seamless & Sanitary
    Commercial epoxy in Fort Wayne, IN meets strict USDA guidelines thanks to its nonporous, seamless surface that isolates spills and does not harbor pathogens. Commercial epoxy flooring can be used anywhere sanitation is a concern including commercial kitchens, restrooms, and hospitals.
    Customize Its Appearance
    What type of floor design will best fit your business? Do you want a solid high-gloss color or the subtle pattern and texture of flake epoxy in neutral shades? Do you want to create a “wow” factor with brilliant, pearlescent metallic epoxy or even get the look of a stone tile floor without the care?
    Easy Maintenance
    One of the many challenges that can come with commercial flooring is keeping it clean, safe, and looking its best. Constant foot traffic, spills, cart wheels, and more can take its toll on a floor but commercial epoxy is easy to keep looking and performing wonderfully. Just sweep and mop as needed without special care instructions.
    Commercial Grade Floor Epoxy
    Commercial concrete floor epoxy is surprisingly affordable, especially considering its durability, long life, and great appearance. Epoxy has a low installation cost, even including concrete floor prep. Our commercial epoxy floor contractors deliver beautiful results that perform well for decades to maximize your investment.
    Extremely Durable
    A commercial floor system needs to be able to handle a lot of abuse from spills and abrasion to foot traffic and heavy loads. A commercial epoxy floor coating delivers the durability you expect with an incredibly resilient surface that can even handle harsh industrial settings, corrosive chemical spills, extreme temperatures, and more.
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