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When you need a new flooring system, don’t let tradition keep you in a box, concrete is one of the hottest trends for indoor flooring. You don’t need to stick to the same old carpet, tile, or basic wood flooring because our epoxy flooring installers can create and install floors that give you everything tradition would with a bit of modern flare! Here at Supremecrete Fort Wayne, we work with everyone, including those who are on a budget because we know just how important it is to need a functional floor that looks and feels good!
With over 15-years of experience, our team has the best track record in the entire Fort Wayne area and beyond. Our products will deliver safe and long-lasting floors for your home or business.
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    Flooring Made Just for You
    Industrial, Residential, and Commercial Epoxy Flooring
    With special offers and guaranteed satisfaction, we have left you with no other option but to call us for your new flooring installation!
    Concrete Flooring
    Both Floors:
    • Highly customizable
    • Different colors, patterns, textures, and designs can be used
    • Will be highly individualized
    • Can increase visibility in an area
    • Are resistant to fatigue

    Residential Epoxy Flooring

    Professional Floors
    Once before, concrete was only ever found outside or in warehouse-type areas, but never in the home. Epoxy flooring has made its way into the hearts of America’s interior designers and the minimalist movement has taken off with the look and ideas industrial properties have been using for decades. Residential areas need epoxy floors because of the many benefits the owners will experience! Not only can you install a beautiful epoxy floor, but you can also install a flooring solution that is highly functional for any area you decide to have it installed in.
    Garage floors are resistant too:
    • Staining
    • Impact
    • Heat
    • Vehicle fluids
    • Chemical breakdown
    Basement floors are resistant too:
    • Mold and mildew growth
    • Bacteria growth
    • Damages from spills
    • Abrasions
    • Dust, dirt, and debris
    • Impact and scratches

    Commercial and

    Industrial Epoxy Flooring
    For a commercial and industrial property to flourish, the floors have to be able to withstand the heat (literally and figuratively). Epoxy commercial floors and industrial epoxy floors are high-quality materials designed to keep concrete safe and keep it around for a lot of years, so why should you install epoxy in your business or industrial property?
    Commercial epoxy floors are mind-blowingly designed to either mimic flooring solutions like tile, wood, or stone or stand out with bright unique colors. Whatever you’re looking for, our team can make it happen.
    Industrial-grade epoxy has been being installed in many different types of industrial environments for years and has only gotten better since the beginning. Epoxy industrial floors create resistant surfaces to even the harshest of environments while simultaneously being helpful in other ways, like slip and chemical resistance.
    For both commercial and industrial epoxy floors, our installers offer unique and safe flooring installations that come in different textures, patterns, designs, and colors.
    Our installation process for both of these areas includes grinding the concrete, removing residual paints or coatings, cleaning the floors, repairing any cracks, and ensuring that moisture levels are appropriate for installation!
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    Garage Epoxy Flooring
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    Investing In

    An Epoxy Flooring System
    The benefits of having a professionally installed epoxy floor in/on your property are universal and endless for any space you decide to install them in! Don’t wait, our team is ready to help you enhance any property you own.
    The benefits of epoxy flooring solution include:
    • Affordability: $3-$10 per square foot
    • Maintenance: regular sweeping and mopping will do
    • No expensive cleaners or treatments required
    • Aesthetics: easily designable
    • Durability: will withstand changes in heat, chemicals, abrasions, stains, and more
    • Strength: epoxy floors range in strength starting around 10,000 PSI
    • Quick Installation: with a professional, you will be using your floors in less than a week
    • Longevity: with proper care, your floors will last decades
    • Metallic epoxy floors create 3D illusions for garages that want to spruce up their floors and install 100% epoxy solid floors
    • FDA and USDA approved
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Uninhabitable by mold or mildew
    Fort Wayne Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
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