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When you have a pool, you have a pool deck and it has to face its fair share of obstacles on a daily basis. Damage from these obstacles can seem like a huge deal or like they are going to leave a huge hole in your wallet, but that isn’t the case at all! When we resurface your pool deck it will be:
  • Fast
  • Affordable
  • Professional
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    So, let us take a look at what we can do for you!
    Don't Want To Pay For A New Pool Deck?
    Thankfully, our team of pool decking contractors and installers are homegrown, so we want to bring the best prices and best finishes to our neighbors in Fort Wayne. When we resurface your pool decking, you can have faith in knowing it was done right the first time!

    Materials Used

    To Resurface
    When it comes times to have your concrete pool deck resurfaced, many of our clients see it as the light in the darkness. While you have a damaged pool decking, you now have the opportunity to make the pool deck your own. We offer plenty of different materials that you can use to make sure that your pool decking is designed to the limits of your imagination.
    The best part about all of our wonderful materials is that they look amazing when they are paired together. That means that you have the option to use more than just one material when you are designing your pool decking, we have even had clients that have used upwards of three different materials when designing their concrete pool decking for pool deck resurfacing.
    Down below, we have outlined our most popular materials for pool deck resurfacing, but don’t be discouraged if there is a coating you want down below. If you have any questions regarding a specific pool deck coating, give us a call, we might have it but didn’t have enough room down below to have it outlined!
    Pool Deck Resurfacing Fort Wayne
    • Spray/ Knock Down Decking
    • Kool Decking Repairs
    • Concrete/Stone/Brick Pavers
    • Acid/Water-Based/Solvent Based Stains
    • Concrete Overlays
    • Stenciled Concrete Stains
    • Stamped Concrete
    • Reseal/Repaint
    Where most people tend to assume that we use low-grade materials to keep our prices down like our competitors, that is the complete opposite of what we do. We only use the highest grade materials that are available to use on the market. Our customer’s satisfaction always comes before profit. If you’re looking for high-grade materials installed by great people for unmatched finishes, you should give us a call today for a free, no hassle quote. To discover more flooring options that are available to you, check out the homepage!
    Pool Deck Repair

    Benefits Of

    Pool Deck Resurfacing
    While you might see having your pool deck resurfacing procedure as a bad thing right now, you will never regret having your concrete pool deck resurfaced.
    When your pool decking has become damaged, even though it may not look like much has happened to your deck, it isn’t functioning at 100 percent. When you resurface your pool decking, you are basically bringing back all of the benefits your concrete pool deck used to have and you can even be adding more benefits as well. Because there is so much to gain when you have your pool deck resurfaced, we are going to outline the best benefits that you stand to gain.
    • Pool deck resurfacing adds value to your home
    • Your underlying concrete slab is going to last longer
    • Your concrete pool deck will become safer
    • Entertaining guests will be much more enjoyable
    • Add your own personal twist to your pool deck
    • Pool deck resurfacing is much more affordable than a concrete replacement process
    Our team is dedicated to bringing your pool decking back to life so you and your family can enjoy your pool for as long as possible. We believe in our work so much that we will even offer a warranty on our work.

    Does Your Pool

    Decking Need To Be Resurfaced?
    When it comes to concrete, it is fairly easy to diagnose if you need to repair or resurface your pool decking. These signs are so easy to spot, the untrained eye can tell if the concrete is damaged just by looking at the concrete pool deck. Since these signs are so easily spotted, we have outlined a few of them down below so you know exactly what you are dealing with.
    Concrete Pool Deck
    When outside examining your pool decking, look for the following signs and forms of damage:
    Cracks are the most common forms of damage and can be easily repaired when caught when first forming. Cracks covering larger areas can lead to the decking needing to be resurfaced.
    Faded Sealers/Paint
    When paint or sealers become faded, the decking can become much hotter and slippery. To make sure your sealer is in good condition, check it yearly.
    Peeling Materials
    It is common for concrete coatings on pool decking to peel off the concrete slab. When in large areas, the decking may need to be resurfaced as the integrity of the material has been compromised.
    Chips/ Rough Patches
    When materials become chipped or feel rough to the touch, the concrete pool decking coatings are going to need a closer examination to determine if it can be repaired or if the deck needs to be resurfaced.
    The decking not being appealing is a common reason that many homeowners choose to have their pool deck resurfaced to add their own flair to the decking.
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