Why Our Rustic Wood Flooring Is So Amazing

//Why Our Rustic Wood Flooring Is So Amazing

Do you love the look of wood flooring but feel trapped into not using it because certain aspects of your home or business will reduce the wood into a heap of rubble with months? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone as there are thousands of wood flooring lovers that are not able to use wood just like you. Thankfully, there is finally a way that you can have your beloved wood flooring anywhere you want it. How? Our team of dedicated flooring designers, engineers and installers have found how to make our epoxy flooring systems take on the appearance of the classy wood flooring millions of people love. Want to learn more about this flooring breakthrough? Down below we have the benefits of our rustic wood concrete flooring, so let’s get started!

As we all know, a real wood flooring doesn’t do too well when exposed to moisture, they will actually swell, buckle and warp uncontrollably. This will make it very hard to place a wood floor anywhere with even trace amounts of moisture and that’s where our rustic wood flooring is able to thrive! Since our epoxy flooring systems are waterproof, you can have your rustic wood flooring anywhere you want like the garage, your basement or even your driveway! While we are on the topic of moisture, our epoxy rustic wood flooring systems have the ability to provide traction even when they are wet. We are able to do this by placing an additive that looks like sand or salt directly into the top coat so accidents are kept at a minimum.

One of the biggest disadvantages of a real wood flooring system is the cost. Wood flooring can break the bank especially if you want darker colors, harder woods and even the maintenance of wood flooring can be costly when taking special varnishes and sealers into account. Again, our rustic wood concrete flooring system is able to save the day. Even when you use the cheapest woods like pine or douglas fir will cost you as much as 20 dollars a square foot to install for flooring that only benefit is to look good. You can have a professionally installed, full of feature rustic wood epoxy flooring system installed for as little as 12 dollars a square foot! Talk about a bang for your buck!

Another disadvantage of a hardwood flooring system that will make the flooring almost unbearable to work with is the constant maintenance that needs to be done to make the wood look like new. You are going to have to sand your wood flooring, restain and varnish every ten years and this can be even more annoying if your flooring becomes dented. These facts only make our rustic wood coating shine even brighter. This is because our coatings maintenance is extremely simplistic and can be down in a jiffy. This is because there are no waxes or polishes needed, all you need to keep your rustic wood flooring in tip-top shape is a soft bristle broom like a dust mop and a standard wet mop. That’s it! All you need to do is have the coating resealed every ten years, that’s only twice during the floorings lifetime!

After all of these facts have been brought to your attention about your beloved wood flooring, it only makes sense to have the best wood flooring installed! Want to learn more about our rustic wood finishes? Take a gander at our main page or even give a call for a free quote today!