Why Epoxy Flooring Is The Superior Flooring For Residencial And Commercial Garages

//Why Epoxy Flooring Is The Superior Flooring For Residencial And Commercial Garages

Are you having problems finding your next garage floor coating for your commercial or residential garage? We understand why this process can make you feel as if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Your commercial garage is your lively hood and if your residential garages flooring fails, you can have a serious safety hazard in your home. That is why we are now offering the best of the best in garage floor coatings, our garage floor epoxies. It doesn’t matter if you’re a residential garage or a commercial garage, we think our garage floor epoxy is the best fit for both so let us tell you why down below!

Probably the most critical benefit that flooring must have in a garage; residential or commercial; is the ability to resist even the harshest chemicals and our garage floor epoxy is able to do just that. Our award-winning materials have been engineered by the industries best scientists to make sure that no harm will come to your flooring, it can even resist battery acid for an amount of time! Even though resisting chemicals is a great trait, our garage epoxy is able to isolate all chemicals and moisture for that matter on the surface of the flooring system, making clean up and disposal of spilled materials a breeze.

A trait that rivals the importance of chemical resistance of flooring is the durability of the flooring that is placed in a garage. We only use our strongest epoxy flooring system for both our commercial and residential garage clients, the 100 percent solid epoxy flooring system. This system is so strong, it has been tested and proven to make any concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger with a weight tolerance of at least 20000 PSI. Along with the added weight tolerance, your concrete slab is going to be able to handle heavy foot and vehicle traffic, the impact from objects dropped on the flooring and is even waterproof, fireproof and electricity proof.

From what we know, garages can be considered one of the most dimly lit work areas ever, we don’t know why, but it’s true. What if we told you that our epoxy garage floor coatings are able to make your garage much brighter without having to use additional lighting sources? Well, they can and they are able to do this as the high gloss top coat that is installed as the final layer of epoxy reflects light very efficiently. So efficiently, a garage floor epoxy has been tested and proven to make any area it is placed in up to 20 percent brighter with only one main lighting source! That means that an epoxy garage floor coating can make your garage safer to work in and save you money on your power bill at the same time!

When working on cars or other types of machinery it can get quite messy with both dirty oils and lubricants and even moisture being splashed on the floor. When most floorings become moist or soiled, they become very slippery making the flooring accident prone. But our engineers have found a way to make this a disadvantage of the past with an additive that can be placed directly into the flooring that looks like sand. This material gives the flooring texture that will provide much-needed grip when the flooring becomes moist or soiled, greatly reducing the chance of accidents.
While we are on the subject of the flooring becoming dirty, it seems like a great idea to mention how easy it is to clean an epoxy garage floor. The flooring is nonporous making it impossible to become stained. This means you won’t have to dump money into expensive chemical degreasers and stain removers to keep your flooring clean because the epoxy will block these materials from staining it in the first place!

When you take a look at the benefits of our epoxy garage floor coating, it makes it hard to look at any other flooring as they seem subpar. This is why we believe that our epoxy flooring is the superior flooring for both commercial and residential garages. If you want to learn more about our amazing epoxy floor coatings, please head over to our main site, you can even learn how you can get a free quote!