Using Decorative Concrete To Increase Appeal of Interior Floors

//Using Decorative Concrete To Increase Appeal of Interior Floors
Using Decorative

Concrete To Increase The Appeal Of Interior Floors

Okay, we know what you were thinking when you clicked on our link after seeing decorative concrete,” How can concrete be decorative, it’s boring and gray, not to mention a cold gray!”. Well, maybe if we take a journey back 20 years, you would be right! But fast forward to today, you will find that multi-million dollar homes are using interior concrete to make their home give off a more modern and simplistic tone that no other flooring system can provide. The best part is that decorative concrete doesn’t come with a multi-million dollar price tag! Now, do we have your attention? Ready to see how interior decorative concrete can take your home to the next level? We have all you need to know down below!
Epoxy Terrazzo
Epoxy Terrazzo is a brand new flooring system that has taken the wheel from the concrete based Terrazzo flooring system. Epoxy Terrazzo is much more efficient than the former concrete base and offers much more configurations than the concrete version ever has. But along with all the benefits of epoxy, there are also downsides and down below, you can find the pros and cons of this flooring system:
  • Is a super durable material, resisting chemical and physical damage
  • Can be customized with marble, granite, and glass
  • Has the ability to last upwards of 20-30 years
  • Offers simplistic, almost carefree maintenance
  • May be slippery when wet or soiled
  • Are more prone to cracks with age
  • May not be attractive to everyone who sees them
  • Will definitely require professional assistance to install
Acid Stained Concrete
Stained concrete is one of the most common concrete flooring options gracing the residential markets with stylish finishes that can complement any style you have going for your home. The best part about stains is that they are the most affordable option on this list at a pricing point of only 2-4 dollars a sqft. as there are no coatings or other materials required because your home already has concrete under its current flooring; most likely
Polished Concrete
Thanks to homeowners becoming more aware of the amazing finish of concrete polishing, this floor coating has seen increasing use in the residential setting. Polished concrete is one of the few floor coatings that don’t add to the flooring but rather sand the concrete away repeatedly with different grits of sandpaper until the desired finish has been achieved. But there is more than meets the eye with polished concrete and down below, you will find the pros and cons of this flooring system:
  • An increase in light reflection, increasing visibility
  • The ability to resist scratches and abrasions
  • Customization with saw cuts, pigments, and aggregates
  • Do not retain heat well, making them very cold
  • Even with hardeners, still prone to concrete cracks
  • Can be very slippery when it been wet or soiled
Stamped Concrete Overlays
Not all interior coatings have to be a flashy or super simplistic and modern and for the homeowners out there that don’t need all of that, there is the stamped concrete overlay! With stamped concrete, you have the ability to mimic everything and anything ranging from cobblestone to wood flooring! While this flooring system is a dream come true for some homeowners, it may not be what another is looking for. Down below, you will find the pros and cons of using stamped concrete:
  • Provides an endless selection of natural materials to choose from
  • Finishes include natural stone, wood, and even intricate paver patterns
  • Finishes include natural stone, wood, and even intricate paver patterns
  • The ultra-durable finish is perfect for homes with pets or children
  • Concrete is prone to cracking with age and heavy use
  • Coatings can be easily told apart in most instances
  • Bare feet may not be comfortable on stamped concrete
After seeing all of the ways that concrete can be used to transform your home, do you still think that it is a boring and gray flooring solution? Didn’t think so! Now that you have seen all the types of decorative concretes, we only wish you good luck on your project and any future home improvement projects you make!