Types Of Garage Floor Coatings

//Types Of Garage Floor Coatings

No matter who you ask, the garage is a problem area when it comes to finding the right coating for you. It doesn’t help that there are plenty of different coatings to choose from, but that is where we come in. With all of the subpar garage floor coatings going around the market, we are the voice of reason that is going to lead you to the right coating! Today we are going to be talking about the best garage floor coatings that can both add some needed strength and color to your garage. Most importantly, we are going to outline our most popular coatings so you know what garage floor coating is right for you, so let’s get started, shall we?

The most popular garage floor coating on the market is by far a garage floor epoxy coating. Our garage floor epoxies should not be confused with the cheap and low-quality DIY “epoxy flooring” kits that you can get from the local home improvement store. We only use the highest grade epoxy floorings for our garages, so you can rest assured that your flooring can be trusted to handle heavier loads, protection from dropped objects and even resist chemicals or harsh stains. When using a garage floor epoxy, not only will you have these amazing benefits, the flooring won’t require heavy maintenance like waxing or polishing, all you need is a soft bristle broom and a standard wet mop to get the job done!

Do you love the look of your bare concrete slab, have minimal damage or ugly stains? Well, we even have a garage floor coating without all of the flashiness of an epoxy garage floor but offers the same protection against chemicals and stains. This coating is a nice, thick coat of concrete sealant. We only use the highest grade sealers and we offer either a urethane sealer or an acrylic sealer if you want an even better deal. While you won’t have the added strength of an epoxy garage floor, your flooring will have the ability to reflect light very efficiently. So efficiently, garages that have sealed concrete are up to 300 percent brighter than garages with bare concrete, making the garage safer and easier to work in, all while saving you money on your power bill.

Another of our award-winning garage floor coatings is a concrete overlay, which can be considered one of the most versatile of coatings on the market. A concrete overlay is the most affordable option for fairly damaged concrete when compared to having the concrete completely replaced. A concrete overlay may not be the strongest but it can add some strength to the concrete slab and when it is paired with one of our high-grade sealers, you can have amazing resistance to chemicals. Concrete overlays are most commonly used in garages that have minor cracks, gouges, or stains to bring back that uniform and like new appearance to aged concrete. Many homeowners love using concrete overlay because it can even be used outdoors, extending into your driveway and even walkways.

An extension of a concrete overlay is a stamped concrete overlay that will add the same benefits to your slab but with the added bonus of an exotic appearance. With a stamped concrete overlay, you can have your garage floor coating replicate natural stone, wood or even pavers with the strength of concrete. This is perfect if you want more excitement in your garage or if you want your neighbors green with envy every time you open your garage door, either reason is fine!

Now that we have gone over our most popular garage floor coatings, we are eager for you to learn even more! If you would take a look at our main website, we have full webpages dedicated just for our garage floor coatings. If you want a more personal approach simply give us a call today, we are more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have, we can even offer no obligation, free quotes! So you better act fast!