Tips For Pool Deck Maintenance This Summer

//Tips For Pool Deck Maintenance This Summer

As we all know, summer is right around the corner so what is it going to take to make sure that your pool deck is going to make it through the heavy traffic that it is going to have to endure for the coming months. Thankfully, most pool deck maintenance is very simplistic and straight forward so you can get a headstart making sure everyone is nice and cool this summer. Down below, we are going to be talking about exactly what you can do to make sure your pool deck is ready for summer and how you can help keep it in tip-top shape for summer. So, let’s get started!

First and foremost, you are going to want to perform any and all preventative maintenance that you can. Preventative measures include making sure that your sealer is still in working order, your paint isn’t chipping or flaking and making sure that you have no cracks on your concrete pool decks. Sealers and paints are a major concern during the summer months as they serve as the main reason why your pool deck is slip and skid resistant and even why your deck is able to deflect heat. With cracks, not only are they massive safety and tripping hazards, they can cause serious damage to your pool deck further down the line. To make sure that your pool deck is ready for summer, we recommend resealing your pool deck if it hasn’t been sealed in 3-5 years, paint is refreshed and reapplied if it hasn’t in 7-10 years and our service of pool deck crack repair for any cracking.

As for general maintenance of your pool deck during the summer months, we are happy to say that the process is very simplistic and straight forward. We recommend that after every day of use simply hose down your pool deck to eliminate all debris or harsh chemicals to avoid them sitting on the deck overnight and staining your concrete coating. If you have a larger pool deck or have a backyard with bountiful landscaping, we recommend the purchase of a pressure washer to make maintenance much easier on you.

When you have a pool deck with your children, chances are that there are going to be bacteria on the deck. This is why we recommend disinfecting the deck regularly during the summer months. Not only will your immune system thank you, so will your pool decking as some bacteria and germs can actually rapidly breakdown sealers and paints, causing serious problems in the future if not checked. To disinfect your pool deck, we recommend the use of a product called TSP which can be purchased at most local hardware stores.

Finally, we will always recommend that you make sure that all forms of debris are vacuumed, washed or broomed off the pool decking surface every night after use. During times of wind, debris can scrape against some coatings and permanently damage your pool deck. We also recommend that pool deck furniture is not left outside on the deck during times of heavy wind or storms to avoid scraping or impacts on the pool deck.

If you make sure to follow all the steps included in this blog, you will enjoy your pool deck all summer long.