The Benefits Of Using A Garage Floor Coating

//The Benefits Of Using A Garage Floor Coating

Have you ever wondered how you could transform your garages dirty, damaged or outright ugly appearance into something that you could be proud of? Don’t worry, thousands of people feel the exact same way you do, but the difference is that we are here to help all of our neighbors in Fort Wayne with this problem! We have the answer to your problem and that answer is one of our garage floor coatings, so let’s talk all about the amazing coatings that we offer!

The first garage floor coating that we are going to be looking at is by far the most popular floor coating across the entire country and that coating is our award-winning garage floor epoxy. What makes this coating so special is its sheer and amazing strength as it is capable of handling upwards of 20000 PSI! While strength is a nice feature to have, garage floor epoxy has so much more to offer, like its ability to protect you from harmful slips and skids. We are able to do this with great efficiency due to an optional additive that looks like salt that we put in the top layer of epoxy to give you more traction. While there are great lengths that epoxy flooring can be customized, you will learn more about those epoxies down below.

Where some people don’t love the appearance of our epoxy flooring systems, they always tend to love the basic appearance of concrete, and we can get yours protected. How do we protect your concrete? Well with only our highest grade concrete sealers will do the job. With one of our sealers, you won’t get the same level of added strength as you would from a garage floor epoxy, you will get the same level of chemical resistance as one. Our concrete sealants also have a wonderful trait of reflecting light at very high efficiency when high sheens are used. With this high sheen, you can make your garage up to 300 percent brighter without having to install additional lighting sources, making your garage safer while saving you money on your power bill.

Possibly our most exotic and interesting garage floor coating that we offer is our metallic epoxy. This metallic epoxy is both the strongest epoxy available; as it uses the 100 percent solid epoxy system; and the most customizable. Fun fact: metallic epoxy can never be perfectly replicated as the chemical reactions that take place in the flooring that give its amazing appearance are sporadic. Metallic garage floor epoxy can’t even be replicated by the contractor that originally installed it, making your flooring one of a kind when you use a metallic epoxy garage floor. That’s not all, did you now that a well installed and properly maintained epoxy flooring system can last you upwards of 20 years? That’s because after the epoxy has cured, it becomes a super hard plastic like material that bonds incredibly well to your concrete slab.

Another form of epoxy flooring that we offer as a garage floor coating is our rustic wood flooring. Yes, you read that right, you can now have the style and rustic appearance of wood flooring with the strength of epoxy. Not only can you have the strength, but you can also have wood flooring that has the ability to get wet without warping. With a rustic wood epoxy garage floor coating, you can watch as your neighbors turn green with envy every time your garage door goes up.

No matter what form of garage floor coating you decide to go with, we will always urge that you use professional installation for this vital investment in your home. Unlike other companies, we will only use the highest grade materials and our hand-picked team of contractors and installers with decades of experience so you can trust your coating no matter what you decide to do in your garage. Want to learn more about our epoxies and sealers? Take a look at our main website so you can learn more and even learn how you can get a free quote today!