Signs That You Should Consider Having Your Pool Deck Resurfaced

//Signs That You Should Consider Having Your Pool Deck Resurfaced

Pool decks are one of the most abused surfaces that are found in and around our entire home. A concrete pool deck will very rarely be covered to avoid UV ray damage, pounding from the rain or winds that can drag rocks and other foreign debris across its surface. While this may sound bad, this is very common and pool decks have seen worse. Thankfully, there is a process that can reverse the damage caused by mother nature and even our families and its called pool deck resurfacing. But when is it time to resurface your pool deck or when should you start considering it? That is what we are going to be talking about today, so let’s get right into business!

One of the most common signs that it is time to have your pool deck resurfaced is cracks. A crack is the last thing you want on your pool decking as they can be tripping hazards, can let the moisture from your pool or rain soak into the underlying soil; causing a potential structural hazard; and are just a plain eyesore. But don’t worry, cracking is very common in concrete as there is cracked concrete and concrete that is going to crack. This being such a common occurrence, our materials have been engineered to both repair the crack and can even make sure that the cracked area won’t come back for decades!

Another way that you can tell its time to consider having your pool deck resurfaced is if your current concrete pool deck coating starts to peel or if large areas have already peeled up. When the material begins to peel or blister, it allows moisture to seep underneath the coating, making all sealed areas of your pool decking compromised. We will always recommend that you have your pool deck resurfaced if large areas of coating come up but, if you catch the peeling in its early stages, there is a chance that your concrete pool decking can be saved with only minor repairs. Give us a call today if your pool decking is peeling or has become peeled, we can offer you a free quote!

A common reason that so many people with fair condition concrete consider having their pool deck resurfaced is there own personal preference. Many of us buy homes that have already had the pool decking installed before we bought the home, so there is no chance to add that personal flair to the decking. We have plenty of clients who resurface their pool decking just so they can have that flair added so that sign is right in front of you as soon as you see your pool deck! We offer a dozen of marvelous materials that you can customize your pool decking with so you can have pride in designing your own pool decking.

What we are trying to get it is it doesn’t matter if you have minor cracks, normal wear and tear or even if you just don’t love the way your pool deck looks, there are obvious signs that you need to take into account that should make you consider having your pool deck resurfaced. Are you experiencing any of the following? Head over to our main website to learn more about our pool deck resurfacing process and even the materials that we use. You can even give us a call today for a free quote!