Pros and Cons of Concrete Flooring

//Pros and Cons of Concrete Flooring
Pros and Cons of

Concrete Flooring

Concrete Flooring
Concrete is one of the oldest materials that has ever been used and for good reason! The Roman Empire constructed beautiful monuments and buildings that still stand today; however, these buildings were constantly being destroyed or redone and/or were very unsafe as far as hygiene is concerned. Luckily, we have evolved in our ways to care for and maintain concrete surfaces, even though the concrete is still being used just as before.

Concrete is now one of the hottest interior design options the market because of the flooring versatility and flexibility that the surfaces offer.

You can design concrete floors to mimic other materials that would be double the price you would pay for a concrete surface look-alike and three times as much maintenance. Concrete is a fantastic investment for long-term happiness; although, for a concrete surface to last as long as you want it too, maintenance and proper care must be practiced.

Pros of concrete floors?
  • Maintenance is low and doable. It is important to not have to add one more thing to the to-do list simply because you had a flooring upgrade. Properly sealed and installed concrete floors resist that absorption of dirt, stains, spills, and will not damage due to impact or scratches. Regular sweeping and mopping can help your floors last a lifetime.
  • The design options are incredible! For a modern minimalistic flooring solution or a flooring system that looks high-end, whatever mold you’re trying to make concrete fit, it will fit. With the opportunity to stain your floors with earth tone colors, the ability of installers to make concrete appear like wood or tile, and/or the variety of textures patterns and colors! Whatever you want, a concrete floor can make it happen.
  • Concrete can be a heated floor. Adding heating systems under the concrete for areas that handle a lot of snow throughout the year can help your home stay cozy
Cons of concrete floors?
  • Hard floors aren’t always fun! Concrete is not forgiving, if you drop your phone, a glass, or a delicate object, the chances of it cracking or breaking are extremely high; however, the same thing can be said about most surfaces. Rugs may need to be added and precautions will need to be taken if young toddlers are learning to walk or elderly family members live with you.
  • Moisture can be an issue if you do not have your floors properly sealed off. On top of having the concrete installed, you will also need to have it properly sealed to avoid damages from spills and vapors from the ground underneath.
  • Cracking is a possibility because of the soil underneath the slab and especially if your floors are not properly maintained. Without professional coatings and proper installation, concrete will crack. It is not always a functional issue but should always be addressed when noticed.