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In Fort Wayne, summers get hot and pools offer sweet relief from the summer sun. Unfortunately, a damaged concrete pool decking can put quite the damper on your oasis. Thankfully, there’s a way you can get your pool decking back to its former glory, and maybe even more, and that is through our pool deck resurfacing services. With a resurfaced concrete pool deck, you can enjoy:
  • Cooler Decking
  • Slip And Skid Resistance
  • More Attractive Pool Decking
Want to learn how we can transform your aged or damaged pool deck? We have all the information you need down below!
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    Tired Of Being Told
    You Need To Replace Your Pool Deck?
    We won't let uncertified contractors tell you that you need to replace all of your concrete pool deck just so they can make a couple of bucks. With our minimally intrusive pool deck resurfacing procedure, you won't need to replace your concrete for decades and you can save thousands of dollars!

    Why You Should

    Resurface Your Pool Deck
    When it comes down to it, pool deck resurfacing can be used for a wide range of reasons, just not to repair a damaged concrete pool deck. That being said, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider having your pool decking resurfaced, from your concrete actually being damaged or maybe you just don’t like your current coating, we can resurface your pool decking to get it sitting pretty. Below we have outlined the most popular reasons people in Fort Wayne are having pool deck resurfacing done to their home.
    Damaged Concrete
    Damaged concrete can cause your pool major harm. Cracks allow for water to pass under your concrete and wash away soils that are holding both your deck and pool in place. When the soil is washed away, this can cause your decking structural damage and your pool to crack. Keep your investments safe by resurfacing your pool deck.
    Selling Your Home
    Did you know that homes have to pass a critical assessment before a home can be approved for a loan to be sold? If your pool decking is damaged or unappealing, it can drastically decrease the value of your home or even make your home fail this assessment. Your home will not pass until your pool decking is in functioning condition.
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    More Appealing Finish
    Many homeowners opt into having their pool decking resurfaced because they didn’t have a say when the decking was originally installed. When you have your pool decking resurfaced, you have total control of every aspect of design, think of it as having a blank canvas for your new work of art.
    Safety has to be one of the biggest factors when it comes to pool deck resurfacing. With a brand new coating, you won’t have to worry about cracks, faded paint or peeled materials so you have the best heat resistance and traction to keep you and your family safe when trying to escape the summer heat.
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    Pebbled Epoxy
    The newest addition to the outdoor leisure coating market is the pebbled epoxy for pool deck resurfacing. This coating is a strong epoxy resin that has implemented gravel or pebbles into its mixture to provide ample traction when wet and protection from heavy use during the summer months.
    For more information about our other coatings, make sure to check out our other pool deck resurfacing page!

    We Provide

    Unlimited Customization
    Heres how you can make your pool deck one of a kind by using designs straight from your heart.
    The best part about pool deck resurfacing is having the pool deck sculpted to the limits of your imagination. We offer plenty of materials to customize your pool deck like:
    Concrete Overlays
    Concrete overlays can either be burnished or made to look like marble for an artistic concrete flooring appearance or used as a stamped overlay so your pool decking can look like natural stone, wood, or even pavers. Stains can be added to make the coating look more realistic
    Stained Concrete
    Stained concrete is the affordable way to have your backyard look like an exotic oasis, where you won’t have the 3D look like a stamped concrete overlay, you can still have the look of natural stone, wood or pavers when stencils are used during the staining process. Both of the coatings are sealed with a urethane sealer to keep them safe

    You Can

    Trust Us!
    As a local business, we have great pride in bringing only the best service, award-winning materials, and high quality finishes to our neighbors here in Fort Wayne. We are the leading pool deck resurfacing company in Fort Wayne for a reason, we care about our clients! If you’re tired of being given the runaround by businesses with low standards, give us a chance to make you feel like family and we guarantee that you will never be disappointed!
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    Heres What You Can Gain From Using Us
    As Your Pool Deck Resurfacing Contractor:
    Affordable Rates
    Unlike other companies in Fort Wayne, we are not going to try and get rich off of your job. We want to keep our rates down low for our neighbors in hopes that we are your pool decking contractor for all the summers to come!
    Free Quotes!
    We know that your time is valuable, but some may consider money to be more valuable. To show our neighbors in Fort Wayne that our hearts are in the right place, you can give us a call right now and we will give you a free, no hassle quote!
    Fast Installation
    Our contractors have decades of experience working with thousands of different concrete pool decks. Depending on what material you choose and the weather, you can have your pool back in as little as one weeks time!
    Decades Of Experience
    Our team of concrete pool decking contractors has decades of combined experience when it comes to pool decking so we know exactly what it takes to get the full potential out of your backyard. With this experience, we will never lead you in the wrong direction, we know exactly what you’ll need!
    Reliable Finishes
    No matter which of our amazing pool decking materials you choose, we guarantee that you will have no problems regarding the performance of your decking. We believe in our work, so if a problem does occur with your pool decking, we offer limited warranties for all of our materials!
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