How To Know If Epoxy Flooring Is The Right Choice For You

//How To Know If Epoxy Flooring Is The Right Choice For You

When it comes to choosing your next flooring, there are tons of moving pieces involved. You may see a flooring you love the appearance of but it might not have everything benefit wise you are looking for or vise versa. The same applies to epoxy flooring, there may be some aesthetic things you want but can’t achieve or maybe you just don’t need such a hardcore flooring system. Today, we are going to be talking about epoxy flooring and if its right for you.

Just like any other flooring system, there are both pros and cons of epoxy flooring. While there are many more pros with epoxy than there are cons, they are still there and we make it our mission to be as truthful with our customers as possible. Most cons of epoxy flooring can be fixed with additives, so make sure to keep eye on what we can do to fix our imperfections!

We are going to start with epoxy floorings most popular and defining trait, overall concrete protection. An epoxy flooring is one of the few flooring systems on the market that offer high tolerance to both weight and chemicals. An epoxy flooring is able to bring your concrete base 3500 psi weight tolerance all the way up to an astounding 21000 psi tolerance. This not only means your flooring can handle heavier storage, it means you have greater protection from dropped objects and heavy traffic as well.

On the level of chemical resistance, there is no comparison to an epoxy floor. Epoxy offers a thick layer of sealer on top of the flooring which is a nonporous material, leaving no opportunity for moisture of any kind to get under its surface. This top coat is has been engineered by a team of engineers to resist any type of chemical that is found in your facility and can even be altered to protect against specific chemicals if need be. When any chemical comes in contact with the epoxy floorings surface, it is simply isolated on the surface of the flooring so it can be easily cleaned and disposed of.

Since we’ve covered a few of epoxy flooring redeeming traits, it is time to talk about what you should look out for with epoxy flooring. Perhaps one of the biggest arguments surrounding epoxy floors is the insistence of the flooring becoming dangerously slippery when exposed to oils or moisture. But, while an epoxy floor offers an amazing amount of grip, there is a way we can alter the flooring to provide even more grip! This is done with an additive that looks like salt that is placed directly into the top coat during installation. This additive gives the flooring texture, making the flooring able to provide an extent of traction when it is wet.

Another con of having an epoxy flooring system in place is how hard the flooring can be. The hard surface of an epoxy floor coating makes tripping and falling on the floor a scary feat. There have been cases of bruises and even broken bones resulting from a tumble on an epoxy floor. While on the subject, fragile items that are dropped on the flooring are surely going to be broken if they are not caught before falling on the flooring. This makes many clients think twice about having epoxy flooring placed in living areas. This can, however, be fixed by placing rugs on common areas to make sure accidents are held to a minimum.

Now that you know about the pros and cons of an epoxy flooring system it can still be hard to determine if an epoxy flooring system is right for you. Don’t worry, we can still help! If your having trouble simply take a look at our main website, we have pages dedicated to all major areas where epoxy floorings can be placed so you can simply look at an area that you are considering a candidate for epoxy. You can even give us a call today for any personal questions or if you already think epoxy flooring is what you need, call us today for a free no hassle quote!