How Garage Floor Coatings Can Revamp Your Home

//How Garage Floor Coatings Can Revamp Your Home

When it comes to your garage, the same thing applies to millions of Americans all across the country. We hate how our garage can make our home look when it has become aged, damaged or stained. An old garage can completely ruin how your home looks to other people in your neighborhood and even how you see your home. Well, there are ways to hit the reset button in your garage and that is with a garage floor coating! Down below, you will find how our garage floor coatings can completely revamp your home. So, let’s get started!

The first garage floor coating that we are going to cover is the most popular garage coating on the market to this date. The epoxy garage floor coating! With an epoxy floor coating, you can have one of the most customizable flooring systems on the market in your garage. We offer a wide range of customizations including a bountiful selection of base colors, the option to use multi or single colored flakes and even the use of metallic pigments to create the stunning metallic epoxy garage floor. you can even make your garage safer by using lighter colors during customization. This is because the glossy finish of epoxy reflects light at a high rate to make the garage up to 300 percent brighter without having to use additional lighting sources.

Another garage floor coating that we offer to revamp your home is with one of our decorative concrete overlays. One of the decorative overlays that we offer is the stamped concrete overlay that can be used for finishes like natural stone, intricate paver patterns, and even cobblestone. These finishes also give the flooring texture and paired with the natural traction provided by concrete, the flooring system is safe to walk on even when it is heavily soiled or wet. Don’t care much for the flashy appearance of a stamped concrete overlay? We offer artistic overlays as well that can be customized with advanced troweling and stains to create effects such as marbling or burnishing.

The next garage floor coating we are going to cover is the rustic wood flooring or wood stamped concrete. With this garage floor coating, you can have the timeless appearance of hardwood flooring except you won’t have to deal with the harsh maintenance and fragility of a hardwood flooring system. Unlike other coating companies in Fort Wayne, we make all of our stamps with real hardwood flooring to make sure they look 100 percent real. The best part is how easy you can maintain our rustic wood flooring as compared to real hardwood. All you need is a simple broom and standard wet mop to get daily maintenance out of the way and will only have to worry about resealing every 5-7 years!

Don’t really care for all the flashy coatings we offer but love the look of your standard concrete? Well, we have a garage floor coating just for you! We offer our concrete sealing services so you can get that uniform and modern appearance of bare concrete with an added level of protection. Think that sealers are too glossy? We offer levels of customization that include high and low-level sheens, tints and will even remove all stains on your concrete slab!

Want to learn more about all of our garage floor coatings? We recommend that you take a look at our main webpage where you can find all of our services or you can even give us a call today for a professional, no obligation free quote! So act fast!