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Are you tired of your garage being the least appealing area of your home? The garage is your gateway to the outside world in the morning and the entrance to your home after a long, hard day at work, so shouldn’t your garage be appealing as possible? Even if you work from home out of your garage, you deserve a garage floor that will make you smile every time you step foot into the garage.
  • Durable
  • Resistant
  • Ready For Whatever Life CAn Throw Your Way!
With one of our garage floor coatings in Fort Wayne, you can finally get your garage looking just the way you want it to, so let us tell you how!
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    Ready For A Professional
    Garage Floor Coating?
    There's only one way to get a well-installed garage floor coating in Fort Wayne and that is through a professional process. As the top garage flooring company in Fort Wayne, we know exactly what it takes to get the job done right the first time around!

    Benefits Of Using

    A Garage Floor Coating
    Since there are so many benefits, we have taken the liberty in outlining the best of the best of our garage floor coatings in Fort Wayne so you know exactly what we have to offer. Heres what we bring to the table:
    When using a garage floor epoxy, concrete overlay system or have your garage floor resurfaced, you are able to enjoy some of the strongest flooring systems on the market. While an overlay will add a degree of strength, a garage floor epoxy can make your concrete able to handle at least 20,000 PSI.
    Chemical Resistance
    All of our garage floor coatings in Fort Wayne offer superior chemical resistance but some of our coatings do this in different ways. All of our coatings receive a urethane or acrylic sealer to keep chemicals out, but the epoxy garage floor coating in Fort Wayne using a special epoxy resin coating to make this so.
    Slip Resistance
    We offer a special option to place an additive that looks like salt or sand directly into the top layer of any of our coatings to give your flooring traction that can supply traction even when your flooring becomes wet or soiled!
    Add Value To Your Home
    The best part about investing in any of our garage flooring systems in Fort Wayne is that your investment is almost immediately returned in the form of thousands of dollars being added to the value of your home. Our coatings can even help your home pass safety inspection if you are already in the process of selling your home!
    Garage Floor Coating
    Brighter Area
    A big problem with most garages is that they are dimly lit, but our coatings with sealers and our epoxies are able to make the garage up to 300 percent brighter without additional lighting sources. This will make your garage safer and better to work in all while saving you money!
    Longer Lasting Flooring
    All of our coatings have been engineered by award-winning scientists to make sure they are reliable and have the opportunity to last decades in the right circumstances. We believe in our coatings, that’s why we offer a warranty for all of our coatings!
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    What Are

    Garage Floor Coatings?
    No matter what you do with your garage or what your garage is going to be exposed to, we have a garage floor coating that will make life much easier for you.
    When it comes time to choose a garage floor coating for your home, it can be quite difficult, but when you decide to go with us, our team of garage flooring contractors can make it as easy as possible for you. In order to make the process as easy as possible, we are going to outline our most popular types of coatings to show you exactly what they are!
    Garage Floor Epoxy
    Garage floor epoxy is by far one of the most durable and longest lasting coatings that we offer. This is a resin-like material that can be used as a thin coating for low strength or as a thick coating as a true flooring to unlock the full high performance of epoxy.
    Concrete Overlay
    Concrete overlays can be used as a burnished or marbled finish to either resurface your garage floor or add that personal flair your garage needs. Overlays can also be stamped to give your garage the appearance of natural stone or even rustic wood flooring.
    Sealed Concrete
    Concrete sealers are used to give your garage much needed chemical resistance and even the ability to resist stains from messy liquids like oils and gasolines to make your garage much easier to maintain.
    Specialized Epoxy
    Our specialized garage floor epoxy range from the implementation of flakes for texture, metallic pigments for a stylish finish and even the option to have an emblem inserted directly into your flooring for the extreme enthusiast.

    You Can Trust Us!

    As a local business
    we have great pride in bringing only the best service, award-winning materials, and high quality finishes to our neighbors here in Fort Wayne. We are the leading garage floor coating installer in Fort Wayne for a reason, we care about our clients! If you’re tired of being given the runaround by businesses with low standards, give us a chance to make you feel like family and we guarantee that you will never be disappointed!
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    Heres What You Can Gain From Using Us
    As Your Garage Floor Coating Installer:
    Fast Installation
    Our contractors have decades of experience working in garages with all of our garage floor coatings. For a two car garage, we can be out of your hair in as little as 4 days depending on what weather permits! We know what it takes to get the best finish!
    Reliable Finishes
    No matter which of our amazing garage floor finishes you choose, we guarantee that you will have no problems regarding the performance of your flooring. We believe in our work, so if a problem does occur with your coating, we offer limited warranties just in case!
    Affordable Rates
    Unlike other companies in Fort Wayne, we are not going to try and get rich off of your job. We want to keep our rates down low for our neighbors in hopes that we are your concrete flooring provider for years to come!
    Decades Of Experience
    Our team of flooring contractors has decades of combined experience when it comes to concrete flooring so we know exactly what it takes to get the full potential out of your concrete. With this experience, we will never lead you in the wrong direction, we know exactly what you’ll need!
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