Everything You Need To Know About Concrete Resurfacing

//Everything You Need To Know About Concrete Resurfacing

When most people hear the term concrete resurfacing, they don’t know what the process is or what really happens during the project. Many people even get concrete resurfacing mixed up with concrete grinding in some cases! So today, our goal is to help more people understand what concrete resurfacing exactly is and how it can greatly benefit you and or your business when your concrete slab has seen better days. Down below, you are going to find everything you need to know about concrete resurfacing, so let’s get started, shall we?

First of all, let’s start out by talking about what the process really is. Concrete resurfacing is a project where we take an old and damaged concrete slab and bring it back to its former glory with one of our award winning micro toppings. How? Well, our micro toppings are called “micro” as they level a very thin layer over the top of the existing concrete. Many people assume that this process is used for stained concrete but that is not the case at all; we remove all stains before applying the micro topping! The micro topping is used to repair all inconsistencies in the concrete slab such as cracks and gouges. The micro topping fills and restricts the movements of these inconsistencies. Sadly, no process known to man can completely remove cracks from concrete and even after concrete resurfacing that can reappear after 10-15 years.

Now, why do people use concrete resurfacing in the residential and commercial setting? Well, if we are going to put it simply, to save money of course! Concrete resurfacing is a process that can remove the step of needing your entire concrete slab removed and replaced. Replacing your concrete slab can be a process that can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take weeks of time, rendering the area completely useless. Another reason why many home and business owners choose concrete resurfacing is all of the advanced customization options that we offer, which we will talk about next!

When it comes to customizing your resurfaced concrete, we don’t hold back! Our micro toppings serve as a base for most of our resurfaced surfaces. We offer epoxy flooring, metallic epoxy flooring, stamped concrete overlays, stamped wood concrete and so much more. We give you the reigns when it comes to customizing your surface with the only stops being those of your own imagination because our team of concrete resurfacing contractors is trained and ready to take on any project you throw their way!

Finally, let us talk about where you can resurface your concrete. When it comes to concrete resurfacing, anywhere you have concrete can be resurfaced. To name a few of the most common locations and types of concrete resurfacing, there is pool deck resurfacing, garage floor resurfacing, driveway resurfacing and even commercial/industrial resurfacing so you can save thousands of dollars and weeks of time no matter your setting! FYI, we can only resurface the concrete to mediocre with moderate damage, any forms of structural damage or concrete that have chunks torn out, but we can still give you a quote!

On the topic of quotes, if you give us a call today, we can give you a professional, no hassle and a free quote! So don’t hesitate!