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Has your concrete recently began showing signs of its age or has it recently began showing cracks, gouges or maybe its just heavily stained? Where other companies will want you to remove and replace your entire concrete flooring system, we can help you save thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars with our simple process known as concrete resurfacing in Fort Wayne. When you resurface your concrete, your slab can be:
  • Stronger
  • More Appealing
  • Easier To Maintain
Allow us to tell you a little more about our concrete resurfacing services down below, you’ll thank us later!
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    Ready To Have Your Concrete
    Professionally Resurfaced?
    Tired of money grabbing contractors in Fort Wayne telling you that your minorly damaged concrete needs to be fully replaced? Call us today for a professional opinion and you could save thousands of dollars with one of our professional, no hassle free quotes!

    When Is It Time To

    Resurface Your Concrete
    No matter how well your concrete is taken care of or even how high grade your concrete is, there are two types of concrete. The first type is concrete that is cracked and the second type is concrete that is going to crack, it is inevitable. Thankfully, concrete is very upfront when it comes to damage and damaged concrete is very rarely underlying.
    This means that damage to your concrete is fairly easy to spot, hence it can be acted upon rapidly and it should be repaired almost as soon as you see the damage occur to the concrete. Since concrete resurfacing In Fort Wayne is a minimally intrusive process, we are unable to repair any serious damage that occurs to your concrete. This is why we urge you to call us ASAP when damage is spotted on your concrete. Below are a few signs that you should give us a call:
    concrete resurfacing Fort Wayne
    As we stated above, cracking is a standard part of having concrete as concrete will expand and contract due to temperature. When dealing with cracks, we urge to have cracks repaired ASAP as cracks can grow overnight into larger problems. When cracks go through the entire slab, your concrete is going to need to be replaced for proper performance.
    Where cracks are from concrete settling, expanding or contracting, most gauges are completely manmade. Where some gouges are formed by natural wear and tear from using the flooring, they also tend to form more when heavier objects are dropped on the flooring that will chip up layers of concrete upon impact. With resurfacing, gouges are the easier side of the process.
    Stains are very common in areas that deal with liquids so don’t be ashamed of miscolored concrete, especially in the garage. Oils and gasoline bury themselves deep inside the concrete and are almost impossible to get out without the proper tools. When resurfacing, we use chemicals to lift these stains and apply a nice sealer over our micro topping so your flooring will be stain resistant.
    Peeling concrete is most common in areas that are prone to moisture and occur when the moisture gets trapped under the top layers of the concrete. Before the concrete peels completely up, it will look like spiderwebs in the concrete but once the moisture is able to escape, the cracks will peel away and leave underlying layers of concrete exposed.
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    Materials You

    Can Resurface With
    While concrete resurfacing in Fort Wayne is a very straight forward process, there are different materials that can use used to resurface to either give you the simplest result or to add your own personal flair.
    While concrete resurfacing in Fort Wayne is a very straight forward process, there are different materials that can use used to resurface to either give you the simplest result or to add your own personal flair.
    Here are some of the most popular materials we use to resurface concrete:
    Concrete Overlays
    A decorative overlay can be burnished to give the flooring more character and can even look like marbling with a trained trowel.
    Perhaps the most common material used for concrete resurfacing in Fort Wayne is a concrete overlay, mostly the decorative concrete overlay.
    Epoxy Flooring
    Epoxy flooring is a different form of resurfacing that is most commonly used in garages as a garage floor epoxy system Where overlays and micro-toppings fill cracks, an epoxy crack filler is used before application for a seamless finish.
    Micro-toppings are mostly used for underlying subflooring in commercial and industrial facilities. With a micro-topping, you are able to place a completely different flooring like an epoxy flooring system right over the top like it is a standard concrete slab. Microtoppings also fill cracks and gouges like an overlay.
    Spray Decking
    Concrete resurfacing is able to be completed on pool decking and this material is the most commonly used material to complete this process. Spray decking provides amazing heat resistance and the texture of the coating gives traction even when it becomes wet. Matched with a wide variety of color selections, spray decking is the most used poolside decking since the 1970s!

    Where Can

    Concrete Be Resurfaced?
    It doesn’t matter where your concrete is located if it is need of repair or a full-on resurfacing, we got you covered. Our team has decades of experience resurfacing concrete in any circumstance or situation so we’ve seen it all!
    From driveways all the way to industrial thresholds, we have worked with all types of concrete flooring systems so we can resurface your concrete in Fort Wayne no matter the circumstances, just take a look below!
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    Worried That Your Concrete Cant Be Resurfaced?
    Heres Where We Can Work Our Magic:
    Commercial Concrete
    Commercial concrete is some of the most unique and intricate flooring systems around as there are so many different types of commercial facilities. Don’t worry, our concrete resurfacing in Fort Wayne can be used as an underlayment for any flooring you want to use in your facility, even epoxy!
    Garage Floors
    Garage floors are the most common projects right next to pool decking so don’t be discouraged if your garage’s concrete starts showing its age. We offer ample coatings that can make your garage look even better than the day it was installed.
    Pool Decks
    Pool decking sees its fair share of abuse, especially during swimming season so resurfacing your pool deck in Fort Wayne is common. We offer a wide range of materials for pool deck resurfacing and you can check out our pool deck page to learn more about the process.
    Most driveways and walkways are constantly exposed to the cruel elements so its no wonder that they will need to be resurfaced in their lifetime. When resurfacing driveways, it is common to have the material used to match what material is going into the garage for a seamless finish.
    Industrial Concrete
    We know that industrial concrete is some of the most heavily abused flooring systems across the county but, if you catch damage that occurs before it becomes structural, we can get your concrete back into its uniform and safe functionality without much hassle at all!
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