Best Areas To Use Epoxy Flooring

//Best Areas To Use Epoxy Flooring

A very common question that is asked when our clients begin to infer about epoxy flooring is where can we install it? The easiest answer to this question is anywhere you have concrete or anywhere that concrete can be placed but, that doesn’t help very much. Today we are going to be taking a look at the most common areas epoxy flooring systems are used and how the flooring benefits the environment starting with the garage floor epoxy:

Garage Floor Epoxy:
One of the most common areas that epoxy flooring systems are most commonly used is in the garage of either residential homes or even commercial garages. This is because epoxy flooring is able to take quite the beating from the harsh conditions of the garage and is one of the most chemical resistant flooring systems available on the market. With an epoxy flooring system, the garage will be able to defend against heavy vehicle and foot traffic, impact from a variety of dropped objects, and even the use of heavy machinery without showing signs of taking this abuse for well over 20 years in most cases. Along with amazing durability, chemical resistance plays a huge role in how many garages trust epoxy flooring to be their primary flooring. The epoxy flooring system gets its amazing chemical resistance from its tough top coat which will isolate all moisture on the surface of the flooring. By doing this it won’t allow for the concrete slab to absorb the chemical and leak it into the surrounding soil, making both structural and environmental hazards.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring:
Epoxy flooring is used in commercial facilities for a magnitude of reasons such us its nonslip surface and unlimited customization options, but the lesser know reason why you see epoxy flooring in so many facilities is that it is a USDA approved flooring for use in areas that handle food and even for medical facilities. This is where epoxy flooring gets another nod of appreciation to its amazing top coat as it is an extremely hygienic surface that can be disinfected with ease and haste. Let us move on the customization of epoxy flooring as it plays a major role in commercial facilities that need more direction. What we mean by more direction is that with the use of stencils, we can actually create barriers, walkways, and arrows to show which way to walk or travel in a vehicle such as a forklift. Epoxy flooring is able to make the workplace both more efficient and safer for everyone involved and that is why it is used in commercial facilities.

Basement Epoxy:
Basement epoxy is now rapidly gaining footing in Fort Wayne as only now are its benefits seeming well, beneficial for every home it is placed in. No longer will you have to endure moldy carpet or warped hardwood flooring as epoxy flooring will never crack or waver when placed in these wet conditions and it is even resistant to the nasty smell of mildew. Basement epoxy is one of the most flexible flooring options as it can be placed in any environment you need it to be. So it is perfect for the homeowner wanting to renovate the basement into a home gym or even a movie theater. Basement epoxy can also make the basement more comfortable to be in as it can drastically cut down on the amount of moisture in the basement, so it won’t be as humid as most basements.