Are Epoxy Floors Safe?

//Are Epoxy Floors Safe?

There has been a common misconception about epoxy flooring that has taken place over the years and that misconception is that epoxy flooring is not safe. Well, we are here to tell you today exactly how epoxy flooring is safe and how epoxy flooring can be unsafe as well as there are instances where epoxy flooring can pose a potential threat to someone walking on the flooring.

We are going to explain the most common misconception about epoxy flooring that is both untrue and can sometimes become a reality. That is the rumor of an epoxy flooring system becoming a slippery surface. While like most other floorings, epoxy flooring can become quite slippery when it is either become wet or soiled and it can cause some serious harm to a person walking on the epoxy flooring. While most cases of slippage on the epoxy flooring have come into existence is through accidents, they still happen. But, with epoxy flooring, there is a solution to defend against the dreaded slippery floor. An additive that mimics sand or slat can be placed into the top coat of epoxy to add much-needed grip to wet environments.

Another measure of safety that epoxy flooring brings to the table that people don’t realize is that the chemical resistance plays a much larger role in facilities and garages that goes under the radar. When an epoxy flooring is used in areas that are constantly exposed to harsh chemicals, spills may occur, and because of the amazing top layer provided by the epoxy flooring, the chemical becomes isolated on the surface. Did you know that both polished concrete and bare concrete are extremely porous and absorbent, so any chemical that is spilled on the surface is absorbed into the concrete slab itself? When this happens, the chemical is leaked into the soil underneath and surrounding the concrete slab that can cause structural issues from the soil moving under the concrete as well as an environmental hazard from harmful chemicals being leaked into the earth. With an epoxy floor coating, you are keeping your health and environment healthy by isolating all spills on the surface of the epoxy flooring.

While there are ways that epoxy flooring can keep you safe, there are also ways that epoxy flooring can be unforgiving as well. One of the most common cases of epoxy flooring causing harm to its owner is through its incredibly hard surface. Yes, one of epoxy floorings best benefits can also be a source of one of the few problems with installing epoxy flooring in the residential setting. When young children or elderly folk trip or fall on the epoxy floor coating, it can end very badly. There is no cushion on the epoxy flooring so very often there are cases of bruises and not so often cases and reports of broken bones from tripping and falling on an epoxy flooring system. This also makes the surface of the epoxy flooring unforgiving for dropped objects as well, most fragile dropped objects often shatter as soon as the impact is made.