All You Need To Know About Concrete Polishing

//All You Need To Know About Concrete Polishing

Are you looking to have your flooring transformed in your commercial facility but just don’t see the appeal of an epoxy flooring system and don’t trust your bare concrete slab? Don’t worry, you are not alone as thousands of people don’t enjoy epoxy and have been seeking out the next best thing. The good news is that polished concrete is just that, but what is it and what is it about? Because the low profile of polished concrete, today we are going to be taking a look at what is polished concrete and the benefits that it brings to the table as well so you know all about polished concrete. So let us get started, shall we?

First off, let’s talk a little about what exactly is a polished concrete flooring system. Simply put, polished concrete is a flooring system most typically used in commercial and industrial facilities with a small percentage of people using them in high-end homes and garages. Most instances of polished concrete, the concrete becomes polished by being ground down with industrial grinders equipped with most of the time diamond wheel blades. The process is completed at least 6 times until the surface has been ground using an 800 grit but it is common to go even farther all the way to a 3000 grit. During the process a chemical known as the hardener is applied to the concrete as well, penetrating deep into the pores of the concrete to make the surface both dustproof and as the name states, makes the concrete harder.

Now that you know the basic steps to what makes your concrete be considered polished, let’s expand our horizons and talk about what these flooring systems bring to the table.

Considerably the best benefit of having your concrete polished is the simple fact of you don’t need any additional materials placed over your existing concrete, meaning you already have all you need. When you need materials to do the job, the price can almost be doubled compared to labor costs to do the job. For example, a high-grade epoxy flooring system can cost around 15 dollars a square foot after materials and labor have been calculated, when you choose a polished concrete flooring system, you can basically chop that price right in half! The only material you are going to need is a sealer that is completely optional.

Another benefit of a polished concrete flooring system is that they are durable, even when they are exposed to high traffic areas. Because of the concrete hardener that was placed into the concrete during the polishing process, your polished concrete won’t be easily chipped, scratched, gouged and can even reduce the size of cracks. Because of the added durability to the concrete, you can even expect your concrete to last much longer than a bare concrete flooring would. When the flooring is able to last longer for your business, that’s money back into your pocket!

Now that you know about concrete polishing, you are able to make the decision for what’s best for you. If you crave more information about polished concrete, take a look at our main site, there is even more information about our service, you can even learn how to get a free quote!